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Kenosha Ice

Kenosha Ice Arena

7727 60th Ave - Kenosha, WI 53142 - P: 262-694-8010

See Below for schedule and rates.

ALL Rink Events

Sat 5/30 Sun 5/31 Mon 6/1 Tue 6/2 Wed 6/3

Bantam A
3:40pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Khaos Scrimmage
5:00pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Jets Mite House
9:00am CDT Ical_event_icon

Party Pedreson
1:00pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Firedogs at Slapshot
3:00pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Sr. Sioux at LazyBoyZ
4:30pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Rangers at Hooligans
6:00pm CDT Ical_event_icon

3:30pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Mites / Squirts Skills
6:00pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Peewee / Bantams Skills
7:10pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Jim Jost
8:20pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Goalie Skills Mites
5:00pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Goalie Skills Squirt/Peewee
5:45pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Goalie Skills Bantam/Midget
6:40pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Midget Scrimmage Buy In $10
7:35pm CDT Ical_event_icon

3:50pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Jets Mite 1
5:30pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Event Information


Freestyle – geared toward figure skating and figure skating instruction. Skate aids, hockey sticks, and pucks are prohibited during freestyle sessions. No skate rental available.

Open Hockey – hockey scrimmage session for ages 16+. Full hockey equipment is required. All players under 18 must wear a full facemask. Players over 18 must wear a half-shield or full facemask. No skate rental available. No skating aids allowed. Limit 22 skaters, 4 goalies. First come, first served.

Stick & Puck – designed for parent/child (under 18) hockey skating. No scrimmaging. Full hockey equipment required for children, helmet, gloves, stick, and shin pads required for parents. No skate rental available. Skating aids allowed. All skaters under 18 must wear a full facemask. Players over 18 must wear a half-shield or full facemask.



Geezer Hockey – hockey scrimmage sessions for ages 35+. Full equipment required. No skate rental available. Skating aids not allowed.


Freestyle: $5.00 per half-hour
Public Skate: $3.00 (Skate Rental: $2.00)
Open Hockey*: $10.00
Stick & Puck*: $5.00 per person

Rates and schedule subject to change.

*All hockey players under 18 years old must wear a full facemask. All players over 18 must wear a half-shield or full facemask.