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      The Komets are looking for games

      By Admin 09/20/2020, 4:00pm CDT

      Are you looking to schedule a game with the Komets? Contact the team manager.

      The Kenosha Komets are looking for games.  Navigate to the team pages and contact the team manager to schedule your game.

      Watch your players live at Kenosha Ice Arena

      By Admin 09/09/2017, 5:15pm CDT

      January Newsletter - The Komets' Tale

      By KBLHC News 01/11/2013, 7:00pm CST

      Ice Rental

      Are you looking to rent ice?  Call Kenosha Ice at 262-694-8010.  If no one answers, just leave a messge.


      Registration is OPEN!

      Advertising and Fundraising Opportunities


      If anyone is interested in refereeing games for the 2019-2020 season, please contact Dan Madrigrano ASAP. He will need your contact information and certifications before you can start signing up for games.