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Title of the document 2020 Midget Skills Registration is Open
Title of the document 2020 Spring Midget Tournament Team Registration is Open
Title of the document 2020 Spring Hockey Registration is Open

    Hockey at Home Shooting Challenge

    By Admin 03/23/2020, 4:00pm CDT

    Get off the Playstation and into the driveway

    The rink may be closed, but the driveway is open!  The Komets are issuing a shooting challenge.  We are challenging all members to get into the driveway and shoot 500 pucks a week.  Download the tracking form, have your mom or dad sign off as witness, then turn in your form after hockey resumes to win a Komets prize pack.  Worst case scenario, you don't win the prize pack but still improve your skills!

    Click on the article title and download the Komets Shooting Log

    All Youth Hockey Activities Postponed

    By Ryan Fain 03/15/2020, 7:15am CDT

    Spring Season and Devos Postponed at Least Two Weeks

    All youth hockey activities postponed for at least two weeks.  Stay tuned for decisions on Men's League, Hockeyfest, and Battle of the Bands.

    50th Anniversary Celebration

    By Admin 02/26/2020, 5:00pm CST

    Don't forget to Sign Up for Hockey Fest Events

    Registration is open for 2020 Winter 2 Devos Session

    Advertising and Fundraising Opportunities


    If anyone is interested in refereeing games for the 2019-2020 season, please contact Dan Madrigrano ASAP. He will need your contact information and certifications before you can start signing up for games.