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Welcome Back!

By Ryan Fain, 06/13/20, 9:15AM CDT


It's Time to Get Back on the Ice!

Welcome Back to the Ice

Welcome back Kenosha Ice Families!

On behalf of the Kenosha Komets Board of Directors, allow me to welcome you back to the ice.  I hope this letter finds you all in good health.  After several extraordinary months, I am beyond excited that the Kenosha Ice Arena has reopened and is once again offering top notch programming for our families.

Our summer hockey program with Beyond the Edge Hockey began this week.  There are some differences with regard to getting to the ice surface, but once back out there, the kids are having a blast!

We also will be offering coaches ice for semi private lessons.  Skater and goalie instruction will be available.

We had two main goals as we planned for our summer programming.  First and foremost is that we want to ensure the safety of everyone.  After consulting with various governing bodies, including our local government, WAHA, USA Hockey, and WI Ice Arena Managers Association, we developed a number of temporary safety precautions for our rink.  This includes limitations on the number of people on the ice and in the building.  I know that this is far from ideal, but creating separation between groups and keeping the number of people together as low as possible is an important factor in keeping kids safe.  Our second goal for our summer program is for all of our kids to have fun.  These last several months have been a large disruption in their lives.  We are grateful to be able to provide them with a familiar environment where kids can be kids.

With our summer safety precautions in place, we feel we will be able to move toward a normal fall hockey experience.  I know it’s inconvenient to dress at home and not be able to watch your kids on the ice right now, but the last thing we want is to jeopardize fall hockey in any way.  We will loosen our restrictions as soon as it’s feasible.  In the meantime, I appreciate your patience and understanding this summer and remember at the end of the day, it’s about the kids having fun.

We are asking all parents to please respect our guidelines with regard to staying out of the building.  We already have one or two rink employees to help clean, two board members to help direct the kids to the right areas, and several coaches to help with equipment.  These are the practices that are being implemented at rinks throughout the region.  It’s not a perfect arrangement, but it gets the kids on the ice as safely as possible.  This is a new experience for all of us.  We will be evaluating our procedures regularly and look forward to being able to relax our precautions as soon as we can.

Again, I appreciate you continued cooperation and ask for your patience as we work toward having a great summer!  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.  In the meantime, go Jets and Komets!

Thank you,

Ryan Fain

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