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Winter Devo Registration Session 2

By Admin, 01/17/18, 9:00AM CST


Program Overview / Information

DEVO (Learn to Play Hockey)


The DEVO program is the next stop for players age 3-9 who have graduated from the IGNITION program or meet the basic skill requirements.  All players will practice one night per week.  These practices will be one hour in length and will focus on developing skills.  Players will be divided into groups based on their general skill level to ensure each player is challenged appropriately.  Saturday mornings are reserved for DEVO scrimmage games where skaters are divided into equal teams and will play cross-ice games.

Purpose:  The purpose of the Development (Devo) program is to increase the skill level of young skaters within the Komets association by focusing on skill development and placing the players in situations where they can maximize the amount of time touching the puck.  The quickest way for a player to improve is by focusing on skills rather than playing games.

Why Cross-Ice Games?  Cross-ice games maximize the amount of time players handle the puck.  At any level of play, an average player may only have control of the puck for a few seconds during the course of a game.  In a small area/cross-ice game, that same player may have over a minute of puck possession time over the course of 6-7 shifts in one 10 minute game. (Source: USA Hockey)

General Format:

•       All players will practice one night per week.  These practices will be one hour in length and will primarily focus on developing the skills of the players and goalies.

•       Players will be divided based on their general skill level to ensure each player is being challenged appropriately and can focus on the next appropriate practice skill set.

•       Teams will play cross-ice games on Saturday mornings.

◦ Players will be split into teams and will have a set game schedule (all games to be played at Kenosha Ice)

•       Program is intended for skaters 3–9 years old


Skills Required*:

·         Get Up on Ice (without Assistance)

·         Forward Stride

·         Glide Turns (Both Directions)

·         Moving Backwards

·         Moving Snowplow Stops

*All skills must be performed without the use of skating aids. Skater's who do not meet any of the basic requirements may be moved to the IGNITION program.

Schedule (2018-2019)

Session Cost:






Session Length:

2 Months





Practice Length:

60 min.





Scrimmage Length:

60 min.





# of Sessions:






Session Schedule:







September - October - November



 8:35 - 9:35 AM






8:00 - 9:00 AM








Winter 1

December -January



 8:35 - 9:35 AM






8:00 - 9:00 AM








Winter 2

February -March



 8:35 - 9:35 AM






8:00 - 9:00 AM









April - May



8:35 - 9:35 AM






8:00 - 9:00 AM






















*All dates and times are subject to change if necessary



2018-2019 Development Calendar


Required Equipment: The minimum equipment required to participate in the development programs is:

  • Hockey skates
  • Hockey helmet w/face cage
  • Hockey shin pads
  • Hockey shorts “breezers”
  • Hockey elbow pads
  • Hockey gloves
  • Hockey socks (worn over shin pads)
  • A colored jersey will be provided by the program, one jersey per season

Need Loaner Equipment?

Komets Loaner Equipment Program:

A $50 deposit check, post-dated April 1st, 2019 is required to borrow Komets loaner equipment.

The Komets loaner equipment program operates based on an honor system and survives because of generous equipment and monetary donations from our members and various others in the community. Players in need of equipment can be sized up for equipment prior to the first day of each session. The loaner equipment is complimentary for the player's first year, as long as the player remains in the Komets Development program.

Equipment Fitting

The Komets have teamed up with local sporting goods store Play It Again Sports to provide the loaner equipment fitting for the Development program. All equipment fitting will now take place at their store location; 4017 75th St, Kenosha, WI 53142.

Beginning on Friday, January 18th, November 17, skaters can be fitted for loaner equipment any time during their normal business hours; Monday-Saturday, 10am-7pm & Sunday 11am-4pm. Just stop in and let them know you’re registered in the Komets Development program and they will fit you with our loaner equipment. Loaner Equipment will still remain free to borrow. A $50 deposit check, post-dated April 1st, 2019 is still required to borrow Komets loaner equipment.

For complete information about our loaner equipment program see our Komets Development Loaner Equipment Policy and our Komets Development Loaner Equipment Agreement (Below).

We do not currently provide the following loaner equipment in our equipment bags:

  • Hockey sticks –Hockey sticks can be  purchased at Play It Again Sports during your equipment fitting or at any sporting goods store. We recommend wooden, left or right handed (straight blade) sticks for the skaters in our program, which cost around $20
  • Mouth guards, neck guards, or supporters/cups (Optional)

Please note, equipment is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.


USA Hockey Membership

Membership Requirements: A USA Hockey (USAH) Membership Confirmation number is required for all hockey programs.  You'll be able to register your skater with USAH from within the Komets registration session.

Coaching Interest

Experienced with hockey and want to help coach our Development program? Please contact our Hockey Director using the contact information below.

NOTE:  All coaches are required to complete a standard background check prior to assisting on or off ice (provided by the Kenosha Komets).


Jim Kuechle

Development Director

Phone: 847-648-8669

Bob Leitza

Hockey Director

Phone: 708-712-6946

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