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SCRIP is easy!  You simply purchase gift cards for all your shopping, gas, entertainment, restaurants, hotels etc. and earn a percentage rebate back for your child's fees.  You don't need to spend anything more than what you normally do.  You just go about paying for things a different way.

SCRIP is still up and running during the summer months!  Our SCRIP coordinators will email you when the orders arrive to arrange pick up.  Members will be given a couple of options for pick up. Orders not picked up during those times will be labeled with your name and left in the safe in the rink office.

Beginning June 1st, SCRIP families will earn 90% of the rebate towards their 2021-2022 hockey fees.

Key SCRIP info to note:

Orders can only be done online. Our organization is not participating in paper orders.

  • Payment must be made through Presto Pay. Your account needs to be set up before you place your first order. Once your account has been set up, you will receive an approval code – this must be emailed to Lillian to be verified -
  • You may order ScripNow only after your account has been verified.
  • Cards take about 2 days to come in.
    • If you have any further questions, please feel free to email Lillian at
  • All the intro and supporting documents are listed below - feel free to download for all the details.